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Set up and protect your Apple devices anytime from anywhere.

Bushel, by JAMF, is a cloud-based Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution for the iPads, iPhones, and Macs in your workplace. Bushel makes device management accessible and affordable for everyone, so businesses can support their users without help from IT.


Built from the ground up to do the heavy lifting of device management, so that you don’t have to.

Don’t let your technology be a distraction to your business. Proactively configure and support devices to reduce downtime and increase productivity. Access Bushel anytime from anywhere.

Set up

Without an MDM solution, it can take a surprising amount of time to configure all of your iPads, iPhones, and Macs at work. With Bushel, you can configure settings on all of your devices quickly and consistently over the air.


Apps are the key to a great mobile experience, but it takes some work for everyone to get the apps they need. Bushel allows you to centrally deploy apps over the air and reassign licenses as your workforce changes.


Use Bushel to ensure the sensitive company information your employees access on their Apple devices remains secure. Enforce passcodes and encryption over the air. Even remotely lock or wipe a device.

See Bushel in action.

You can proactively handle device management tasks with ease, from any modern web browser. That means you get to focus your time and energy on growing your business instead of living the never-ending role of help desk.

What people are saying.

“We needed a simple, yet robust solution to manage more than 60 iPads. When we came across Bushel, it fit our needs perfectly and didn’t require an expert to set up and maintain.”

Aaron Hormann Herregan Distributors

“@bushel is fantastic! So easy to enroll and manage Apple devices, APNS cert and VPP integ in mins! Truly amazed at the simplicity.”

Ben Young @benyoungdev

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